Conference Room Rental Agreement


The following rules and policies have been set in order to protect Technology Centers, personnels, tenants and those using the facility. If there are any questions, please call 760.635.0230.

Technology Centers welcomes business and technical societies to host meetings within the Conference Room. Technology Centers reserves the right to refuse to rent for events that it determines to be inappropriate.

About the Facility

We have two conference rooms available for rent:

Our Encinitas conference room can hold up to 10 people, 8 seated at the conference table and 2 around the perimeter of the room. Our Oceanside conference room can hold up to 12 people, 10 seated at the conference table and 2 around the perimeter of the room. Both conference rooms include internet, white board, and an HDTV screen with screen mirroring and internet capabilities. For non-members weekday meetings must end at 5PM unless an earlier arrangement has been agreed upon.


Reservations should be made online ( and payment must be received in advance prior to the event. When reserving a block of time, please include time for setup and break down in order to restore the room to its original condition.

Indemnification and Liability

At this time, contracting parties are not required to provide a certificate of general public liability insurance to cover Technology Centers and their guests at Technology Centers during an event. However, the contracting party agrees to assume full financial liability and responsibility for any damage to or loss of objects or property belonging to the Technology Centers and to hold harmless, indemnify and defend the Technology Centers from and against any claims of personal injury or property damage arising from such use by the contracting party, their vendors, and/or their guests.

Renter agrees to indemnify and hold Technology Centers harmless from all claims, liability, damage, injury penalty, fine or loss, directly or indirectly, by any persons, authority or entity for injuries to persons or property or damage which in any way result from the use of said or to premises by the Renter; and if suit or proceeding shall be brought against Technology Centers on account of damage, injury, omission, neglect, commission, liability claim or loss occasioned upon by servants, invitees, licensees, or guests of Renter or any other person, the Renter, at its sole expense, will defend same, and will pay any judgments which may be recovered against Technology Centers.


Technology Centers does not have private parking available at any of our locations. In Encinitas Renter and Renter’s meeting/suite attendee(s) shall not park next to or in the alley behind the building. Renter must be responsible in informing meeting attendee(s) on parking regulations and that the lot adjacent to the building in Encinitas is not permitted. 


The renter will not violate, nor will the renter permit violation of, any federal, state, or local law or regulation in connection with the function, including but not limited to the illegal sale or serving of alcoholic beverages, any illegal gambling, or any breach of peace.

Technology Centers cannot assume liability for damage, whether willful or not, caused by accidents, fire, water, acts of God, neglect, loss or theft of equipment or personal items owned, leased or borrowed by your organization.

Force Majeure

This agreement may be canceled any time without penalty to the Encinitas Technology Center if in the opinion of the owner any portion of the property necessary to the intended use has become unsafe or unsuitable for such use and/or if acts of God, war, terrorism, weather and/or any related event prohibits such use of the Encinitas Technology Center. In such a case, the proposed event may be rescheduled for a date mutually acceptable to Encinitas Technology Center and the contracting party. If rescheduling is not feasible, the deposit (if applicable) will be refunded.





I have read, understand, and will follow the RULES AND REGULATIONS FOR RENTALS at TECHNOLOGY CENTERS.